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Senate Eskridge is the trusted partner at your side to give you the opportunities to grow your passive income through reliable multi-family investments.

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Whether you're just beginning to look into real estate investing, or you're an accredited investor looking to add more diversification to your portfolio, Senate Eskridge offers investments in professionally managed, high-value assets to start generating passive income.

Why Multifamily?

Adding multifamily investments to your portfolio allows you to boost your cash flow, scale your portfolio more quickly, while maximizing tax benefits and lowering risk.

Cash Flow


Tax Benefits

Lower Risk

Our Portfolio

Chestnut Square/Center Place

130 Units

Chestnut Square/Center Place

Closing Soon

$6.3M Purchase Price

Midwest City, OK

130 Units

Class C+ Value Add Asset

Preferred Return 8%

Projected IRR 17%

Equity Multiple 2.10x

Cash On Cash 13.5%

Hold Period: 7 Years

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