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Commercial Real Estate Investing

Senate was on the Chance Encounter podcast with in his Commercial Real Estate Investor interview series.

Success Secrets Exposed

Senate was on the Success Secrets Exposed podcast with Sally A. Curtis, to talk about contribution, community and growth.

Compressing a 10 Year Goal to 6 Months

Senate was on the Collecting Real Estate podcast with Stephen Pearse & Bill Hamel.

Taking Massive Action with Amazing Partners with Senate Eskridge

Join Bob Mastroianni with Senate Eskridge as they talk about taking action with amazing partners. Senate is an avid real estate investor with over ten years of experience and also hosts a real estate investors group in his hometown. He explains the inner workings of investing in multifamily.

Investing in Single Family & Multifamily Apartments

Senate was on AP360 podcast with host Rama Krishna to talk about Target Markets, acquisition criteria, business plan with the deals, raising capital and managing properties.

Understanding and Vetting Syndications

Senate was on Your Financial Pharmacist's Real Estate Investing Podcast, to talk about what real estate syndication is, how it works, and what a professional real estate investor looks like.

Podcast: Be Intentional With Your Goals

With Gino Barbaro & Josh Roosen from Movers & Shakers Podcast.

Podcast: Leveraging Partnerships for Passive Investing

With Mason Goodman from Your Financial Pharmacist's Real Estate Investing Podcast.

Talk: Motivation To Inspiration

Watch Senate's keynote speech at the 2021 Idaho Business Summit

6 Reasons Investors Love Multifamily

Should You Have Partners in Real Estate Investing?

Multifamily Investing:

31 Terms To You Need To Know

Ready To Invest?

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